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Co děláme v MC? Díl 6: Intellectual Property

Ne všichni v MC jsme Češi. Tentokrát se můžete od kolegyně Florie-Margaux Vieux dozvědět, co dělá její tým.

Who are we? We are a very international team …flags

Software License Review (SLR). A word you have never heard before, right? An SLR consists of finding out whether companies are using the same number of software licenses as the number they actually own. Using a software without a license is illegal as it breaches intellectual property rights. A company which is found to have unlicensed software can be the subject of heavy penalties and in some cases could even be taken to court. In other words, it is as illegal as wearing a t-shirt without buying it.

But with the advent of digitalization and more complex IT infrastructures, many companies struggle to manage their software assets. Our team provides consultancy on Software Asset Management to help client deal with some of these challenges.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are both the mega Software vendors like IBM and Microsoft, which hire us to perform software license compliance reviews on their customers and software end-users like large Telcos and Banks.

Trust me, after playing with the data from the audit, some software like Excel, Power Point and Word (our main friends at university) will never sound the same again, since you will know what is actually behind it.

What is special about us?

We have established a center of excellence in Prague for this work and our team coordinates all work for Central Eastern Europe (CEE), Russia CIS and Turkey. This means that we often have to travel a lot to different countries for our projects and adapt ourselves to local business practices. We also get the chance to sample an enormous variety of food (and local drinks) and see very exotic places!

Working in KPMG

I joined KPMG as an undergraduate. The company provided me with the trainings I needed and I got great opportunities to travel abroad for projects. In the IP team, we work as a team but moreover, as a network with other KPMG offices from abroad.

Even being a non-czech speaker, I felt I was well-integrated into the company’s culture. It is very easy to talk to everyone around, regardless their seniority in the company. And to be honest, the open space atmosphere is quite pleasant!

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